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Leap to Purpose


My passion is helping women over 50 learn how to dream big, discover their passion, reignite their soul, and live a life they absolutely love. 


You're in the right place if you're ready for change. Somehow your life is missing something, and you're ready for a new beginning, but you're just not quite sure how or where to start. Rest assured - there is hope! You CAN learn to use all of the gifts, talents, and skills you've spent decades acquiring, but might simply take for granted.  Trust me - everything you've gone through has added to the person you are today. None of it has been wasted. You're far more than you realize. You CAN have a life of passion


Do any of these sound like you?

  • “I feel so restless."

  • "Is this all there is?"

  • "I just feel lost."

  • "What am I here for?"

  • "I wish I could start over."

  • "I'd like to feel passionate about something."

  • "I’ve lost my spark.”

  • “Is it too late to have a new life?"

  • "I'm too old to begin again."

  • "I don't even know what I want anymore."

  • "I feel uncomfortable with who I am and what I look like."

  • “I feel like I’m not enough.”

“Never settle on who are, for what you could be!”  - unknown



I'm Pat Gavros

Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur


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My Story

I know from my own experiences, that life can be richer, fuller, and even more satisfying after fifty!


My personal journey through some of life's most devastating and painful experiences has helped me develop resilience and fortitude which, in turn, has equipped me with problem-solving skills to help me get unstuck and transform myself to create a joy-filled life over and over again.


Some of my friends call me a "trailblazer," but I think it just boils down to   R E S I L I E N C E!


After all, you can become bitter or better, let life make you or break you. It's all up to you! 


Along my journeys, I've allowed myself to be vulnerable, to grow, to learn, and live a much more fearless life. Because I believe in sharing with others what I've learned, I can help guide you to peel back the layers of self-discovery and live a passionate purpose-filled life.

I once had a dear friend confide in me, "I wish I could find something that I was as passionate about as you." WOW! That really made a lasting impression on me. People not only SEE my passion 0 they can FEEL the energy and excitement.

So, how did I find my passion? Well, that's a long and very painful story. The day after my beloved brother, Jerry's, tragic death, I decided that I would never spend one more day doing something that didn't bring me joy. I closed my window treatment/design business of thirteen years and began living my dream of renovating historic homes!

Secondly, I allowed myself to be totally authentic - raw emotions, no holding back, and no fear of what others might think. When that happened everything dramatically shifted because I now saw the world in an entirely new light. I became open to following my heart and inspiration wherever it led me. 

I want that for you too. Why? Because I know what it's like to be in a painful place and feel you're all alone, but to know deep inside that I was meant for so much more, and deserved it. You might not have anyone to confide in. Someone who can hold your hand, so to speak, and cheer you on. Everyone needs that. I know I did.


After the bottom fell out of the housing market and I lost my life's savings, my dream, and my self-worth, I didn't know where to turn.  When I finally made the decision to spend my hard-earned money on a mentor, my world began to open up again.  He said something to me that I'll never forget. In fact, I typed it in bold letters on a piece of paper and taped it above my computer. He said, "Pat, it's not what's in your head, but in your heart. That's what attracts people to you."  Wow.  Big wake-up call. 

You are probably at a crossroads. Perhaps you've suffered the death of someone very close to you, gone through a divorce or breakup, lost your job, have become an empty nester, or are in a life crisis of some sort. Bottom line - you're here, and you're ready for change.

You're not really getting where you want to be in life, and just generally feeling stuck. And, let's be honest you might not even know WHAT you want! You simply know it's not what you have right now.

You know you possess incredible gifts, talents, and skills that you've developed over a lifetime, but you can't seem to figure out how to use them to carve out a new passion-filled life. A life of purpose. The one you deserve and secretly crave.


My specialty is helping women over 50 who are ready for personal transformation. A reigniting, or reinvention of themselves. Working with me,  you will begin the process of deep self-discovery using techniques to help you delve deeper into what really makes you tick. You will begin to unveil your core self and discover long-hidden or unacknowledged gifts, in a totally new light. You will learn how to move past the fear of what others might think and be excited about what makes YOU happy and fulfilled.


Finally, you will begin to put the pieces together, little by little, and start living a purposeful life that you love. A life that gives you joy.

Are you ready to take your LEAP TO PURPOSE?  Your best life yet is waiting to be discovered on the other side of that leap! 


I am passionate about ...

FAMILY: I always tell people I'm from a Boys-R-Us family! Five brothers, two stepsons, and a son. I've been married twice (both husbands named Jim!) My son, Bryan, and I built a home together several years ago near Tampa, Florida, and enjoy a relatively quiet life - except for when I need to spread my wings and travel for a while.  

PETS: We lost our beloved Siberian husky, Lola, almost a year ago. She was the light of our lives.  We also have our once-feral cat, Lord Whiskers, who brings such joy to our lives. We met him in our previous neighborhood, and quickly fell in love with him, and his brother, Fuzzy Face. Sadly, Fuzzy Face passed away when quite young, but Whiskers is a resilient little fellow and made the 25-mile trip (yowling the entire time) to our new home three years ago. He is now the master of his domain in our large yard with a jungle that divides our property from others! He has trained us well, and we do his bidding. We wouldn't have it any other way.

LOVE OF WRITING: My love of writing resurfaced after the death of my brother and I used the powerful tool of journaling as a path to healing. Along the way, through the letters and poems I wrote to my brother, I published my first book - Crumbled Oak Leaf - Words of Grief and Hope.

PASSION PROJECTS: While living in my hometown of Oswego, Illinois, I created numerous well-received projects to engage our community and schools. Some of them were the 9/11 Empty Shoe Memorial, The Warrior Dog Project, Valentines for Vets, Letters to Vets, Christmas Cards for Vets, The Pocket Man Project, and an online blog: The 52-week Challenge to Patriotism.  After moving to Florida, I created a one-woman Gratitude Journey traveling over 6,000 miles for 21 days to personally thank our Veterans and First Responders for their service!

HOBBIES: Bees and dragonflies give me joy. I've written a book about bees! I'm passionate about Military Working Dogs, interior design, building rustic furniture, reimagining used furniture by repurposing or painting it, baking, and cooking. I love to travel and meet new people.

SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Okay, I admit I'm a self-improvement junkie! I have a large resource library of books I've read on a myriad of subjects including self-help, personal growth, inspirational living, etc. There are always new ideas and insights to spark an idea or new path. Learning and growing are essential to my soul. We all need inspiration!

SEEKING ADVENTURE: About once every year or so, I get the itch to see the world and spend some extended time in Mexico, or Panama - somewhere that I can use my Spanish. I've been to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip, and have also traveled to Puerto Rico to attend a dance competition when I was younger. (That was another life.) I've lived in Mexico on several occasions and studied classical guitar during one of those forays, but I remember nothing now. I'm planning my next trip to the Yucatan Peninsula to research my next book.

MY BOOKS: I've written nine books on a wide variety of subjects. Spurred by unexpected passions, I've covered the gamut:

*Crumbled Oak Leaf/Words of Grief & Hope

*Final Tributes/Incredible Ways Americans Are Remembering Our Fallen Troops

*How to Stage Your Home for Sale & Profit

*101 Bodacious Quotes to Inspire Patriotism

*Stop Twiddling Your Thumbs/101 Boredom Beating Ideas for Seniors

*Empty Shelves-Full Life/Living a Better Life During and After the Pandemic

*So Gallantly Waving

*101 Amazing Facts About Military Working Dogs

*101 Fascinating Facts About Bees

MY LIFE WORKS:  I have had a number of successful businesses throughout my life, and have never been afraid to reach for new horizons when it's time to challenge my current status. I began with a custom window treatment/design business which I enjoyed for over thirteen years. Then life jolted me into uncharted territory after the tragic death of my brother. I closed my window treatment business and began another lifelong dream of renovating historic homes until the 2007 housing crash dashed my dreams and I lost everything. As a single mom, I needed to put food on the table, pay the bills, and keep a roof over our heads, so I quickly began a cleaning service. With one little $5.00 ad in the local paper that read: "Rub-a-dub, I'll clean and scrub until your home sparkles," I was soon turning away clients. This provided for us for over five years until we decided to relocate to sunny Florida. After moving to Florida, we began a home staging business. But, since that time, I've dedicated myself to writing, traveling, self-growth, and helping other women achieve their dreams.

BEAUTIFUL EARTH: I revel in the beauty of the earth, early morning sunrises, late evening sunsets, the call of the ocean, the mystery of mountains, all the tiny creatures that make planet earth their home, and allow us to share it with them. I honor the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis and can awaken our spirits if we allow it to. Freshly fallen snow, chirping birds, busy buzzing bees going from flower to flower. All of this and more is part of the magical world I see and love. 

GRATITUDE: I believe that gratitude is the keystone to meaningful living. Without it, we cannot enjoy life. Its benefits have been scientifically proven to improve relationships, physical and psychological health, enhance empathy, reduce aggression, improve sleep, and...this is the big one - improve our self-esteem.

“Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.” ― Mandy Hale

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Pat Gavros 

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