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Welcome ...

Live your purpose -

Love your life!

Are you confused or uncertain about your purpose - your big WHY?
Do you feel you are meant for greater things, but just can't seem to figure out what that is?
Are you afraid of taking a leap of faith into a more inspired life - the life that you deserve?
Do you sometimes think, "If only I had someone to talk to, or show me the way, I know I could be so much more?  
Do you need some personal help on your journey - someone to be your guide and cheerleader along a newly charted course? Someone, to help you discover your passion, and then how to turn that into a purpose-driven life?
If you've answered yes to any of these, then you're in the right place!

My Story

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Welcome! I'm Pat Gavros - life coach, author, speaker, and entrepreneur!  

My passion is helping women over 50 discover their passion and translate it into a purpose-driven life.

I know, from my own experiences, that life can be richer, fuller, and even more satisfying after fifty. My own personal journeys through some of life's most catastrophic and painful experiences have helped develop resilience and fortitude which in turn have enabled me to transform myself and create a joy-filled life again and again.  

I've allowed myself to be vulnerable, to grow, to learn, and live a much more fearless life.  Because I believe in sharing with others what I've learned, I can help guide you to peel back the layers of self-discovery and live a passionate purpose-filled life.

How I turned passion into purpose

This is a sampling in chronological order of how my love of country, my passion for patriotism, turned into a purpose-driven life. It shows how you can take an intangible idea and create tangible results. It all started with an email from my friend who sent a photo of a beach in California with thousands of crosses on it.  That is where my patriotic quest began.

  • A photo of thousands of crosses on a beach in California led me to go to Santa Monica to help set up the Arlington West Project

  • Then I began blogging about patriotism and created my "52 Week Challenge to Patriotism" which was one of the most read columns each week.  From there it led me to think about, study, and create many projects stemming from my love of country. e Arlington West Project inspired me to write a book "Final Tributes" honoring our troops who died in Iraq & Afghanistan

  • While writing Final Tributes, I wrote a smaller pocket-size book, "So Gallantly Waving - Words of Gratitude & Patriotism".  

  • During this same time, I created and implemented a community event (my first time ever) called "Stand & Honor" for the Fourth of July. This became an annual event for several years.

  • In the summer, I create a project for area children (and adults) known as Pocket Man. Fill-in, the colors of an adorable card to be sent to our deployed troops.

  • For Veteran's Day, created an event to send cards to EVERY veteran in a state veteran's home. We garnered over 5,000 cards (including braille cards) to send.

  • Christmas Cards for Vets was our next project and garnered almost 5,000 cards to be sent.

  • Valentines for Vets followed and was a wonderful success.

  • Spring of 2013 brought my BIGGEST project and MOST successful with the Warrior Dog Project. "We support the dogs who support the troops."  With numerous events throughout the community and in many of our schools and local library, we raised awareness about the amazing role that military working dogs play in protecting and defending. Over $13,000 was raised to share with several non-profits.

  • Eventually wrote a book "101 Amazing Facts About Military Working Dogs".

  • In 2015 I created a one-woman crusade called the Gratitude Journey and with the help of Wesley Chapel Toyota and a new RAV4, I took on a 21 day journey covering over 6,000 miles through 19 states to personally visit and thank Veterans in nursing homes, visit Gold Star families, and also visit dozens of Police Departments and Fire Departments to thank them too! What a journey!


Books by the Author

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My Books
In the press

"I absolutely love this book! The quotations are incredible and relevant to today's political climate. It's on my coffee table and I pick it up every day to browse through!"

Sandra F.

"Where did you find all of these fabulous quotations? The Introduction has really made me think about what's going on in our country right now."

Richard S.




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